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5 important sales skills a sales person needs

Why the same item, but there is a seller running while other people are always in a damp condition? The difference here is sales skills. What skills does a salesperson need? Learn in the next article.
A recent study by Foreester Research found that "shopping habits of consumers have changed radically in the last few years, and we are in the business stage where the supreme power belongs. Customers: They are increasingly fastidious, quick-minded, knowledgeable and have more choices than ever. "
The customer decides 57% of the purchase process, even before the customer reaches the seller, in which the customer search information on the product on the internet, blog, forum is very popular. Therefore, the sales team should be aware that they need to change to continue to promote their "function".

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Here are five things a salesman needs to do to ensure that their corporate culture and sales strategies are well adapted to the "face-to-face" approach:

5 important sales skills a sales person needs

1. High Mobility and Productivity: In fact, the day-to-day work of salespersons is mostly attributed to side-by-side jobs rather than sales. For example, they have to answer emails, search for information or enter data for the customer management system.
So, if the business can provide effective tools and information so sales staff can focus on reaching customers as well as using their professional sales skills to sell. More efficient, instead of doing the above marginal business performance is certainly easy to see.
2. Sales builds on customer insight: Thanks to social networking, website analysis tools, online shopping history and many other rich sources of information, the sales team The new century has been able to enhance the ability to understand their customers.
As the use of white-balance analysis to assess unmet needs in the market; Exploring your customers' shopping habits or marking future opportunities is extremely important.
3. Collaborate: If the customer is questioning the content of the contract, the sales team should be able to invite a lawyer into the conversation. Or if potential customers do not qualify for financing, the sales team should be allowed financial advisors to reach an agreement on the payment schedule. This method is called "on-the-spot cooperation" - ideally through mobile devices.
Cooperation also includes sharing ideas and selling methods. For example, a business can formulate successful sales skills that become the standard for the entire sales team. And once the entire sales force is able to mix and work towards a common goal, performance will likely improve, revenue grows, and revenue will grow.
4. Focus on the development of the "sales process" system: In most businesses, the "sales process" is often not completed. Less than 50% of potential orders lead to transactions. And over 50% of transactions never succeed.

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Building a system of "standard sales processes" in the "customer is god" seems to be becoming more challenging than ever. Sales teams also need to work closely with the marketing department to understand market trends, identify and capture buying behavior, and reach customers early in the sales process. It then develops new ways to generate leads and drive their buying behavior.
5. Faster and simpler sales: 44% of business organizations report "poor adaptability" as the primary reason for failure of CRM systems.
Today, CRM is no longer just managing customers, partners and operations. It is also a tool for building and predicting information to create competitive advantage and can be instantly aggregated from anywhere - all in an effort to drive effective sales.
To achieve this, sales leaders should equip their representatives with the most up-to-date cloud platform tools for fast, effective, high-traffic communities. . With the ability to install and use quickly, this toolkit will support optimization that can help sellers "pin" more contracts, faster

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