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7 things you need to avoid in selling to better serve your customers

You will easily lose customers if you do not humiliate or upset your customers. Here are seven sales supplements that you should avoid when serving your customers.
1. Do not listen to customers: A common mistake in sales people is that instead of listening to customer feedback, they just keep talking about the product, about the store, and then after a Long speech customers do not even listen to all that left. Because they see you do not understand them, you do not give them what they need. Listening to customers helps you to know their needs, interests and habits, from which to choose the appropriate products to introduce. This way of communication will help customers feel both respect and satisfaction of your product.

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2 Just interested in selling: Being a salesman, of course you want to sell as much as possible, but not so that you constantly urge guests, not giving them time to decide. In some cases this is a way to boost sales, but not all, the customer will feel confused and uncomfortable, as if they are in debt to them. So give your customers some time to look, choose the product and then offer the offer or not.
3. Not having the knowledge is the ultimate in sales: When you sell a product, the prerequisite is that you have to really understand the product, not all but enough to advise the customer. , as well as how to use, note in the process of preservation, ... In addition, the knowledge in the field of business also helps you pretty much in the sale. Equipping yourself with this knowledge will make you feel like a trusted person, and the product you sell is as good as you say.
4. Do not know when to sell: The end result you want to make sure customers buy products and you get money from them? So you have to know how to make them buy their products, not just introduce them all and then leave them to other stores. In order to do this, you need to prepare yourself with basic soft skills and important knowledge of the product that will convince the customer. Give them a reason to buy immediately and give them. buy or not. Selling is also a very important art, so that customers voluntarily buy products, not make them feel forced.
5. Do not go into the focus: Listen to the story of the customer, advise them the useful information that the job should be encouraged. But still you have to turn around on your sales, do not ramp and go to another problem. Be the master of the story, do not let the customer lead you.

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6. Discrimination: "The customer is God," but god is everything, no matter the distinction between rich and poor, to cowardice, childbirth or men and women. Having heard the story at a car dealership, they are willing to spend a few hours counting the centenary of an old man to buy a car. Also heard at the mall to someplace, the staff scolded the pair of pants, sweatshirts, slippers to buy the brand, finally embarrassed to pay their bills up to eight zero . Needless to say you know the story of getting more sympathy. Do not discriminate against customers, no matter what they do, you still need them!
7. Do not know how to attract new customers: Maximize sales is only interested in patrons, keep busy with the constant number of customers do not know how to expand the business. What you need to do besides taking care of old customers is to try to find new customers, promote marketing to attract users.

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