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Direct Selling Skills - Influencing Customer's Heart

I have been researching direct selling skills for a while and are passionate about writing this article. I believe that the skills below will be useful for you pursuing a sales career.

So What is Sales Skills?

Selling is the art of persuading others to do something you do not have the right to do. In particular, you convince customers to buy or use your company's products and services. In the current technology development, to sell goods, in addition to the traditional way of selling, there are many ways to reach the target customers such as selling over the phone, over the internet ... But sell Direct access is the most widely used method.



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Video photos illustrating sales skills

So today we talk about direct sales skills, sales methods help customers get the fastest access to products and services of the company. Sales people and customers meet directly to discuss product information and negotiate prices and terms of customers during and after the sale.
Who has the best direct selling skills in the United States.
First, let me tell you a story about the best salesperson I have collected online.
A young man from California moved to Colorado and he went to a large supermarket to apply for a job.
- The supermarket manager asked him: "Do you have any sales experience?"
"Yes, I was called the number one salesman back to California."
The director was surprised, but he loved that view, so he took the young man to work:
"You start tomorrow. I'll be down after we close the door and see how you do it? "
The first day of work is hard but the guy has overcome it. After the supermarket closed, the director down.
"The best salesman in America," said the director, "How many customers have you sold?"
"One," answered the young man


- " Only one? Each of my sales staff on average sells for 20 or 30 customers a day! How much sales do you have? "Asked the director
"101,237.64 $," the young man replied
The owner was surprised, That number is bigger than what all the other salesmen combined
"What did you sell?"
"Let me see?" He thought, "First I sold him a small hook. Then I sold him a medium sized hook. Next, I sold him a big hook. And I sold the new fishing rod. Then I asked where he was fishing, and he answered him to the sea, so I told him that he should have a boat, and we went down to the sailroom he bought. engine Chris Craft. Next I asked him about the means of going out to sea, he said he had a Honda Civic. I said that the car was not big enough to be too heavy, so I took him down to the car room and sold him a new V8 SUV. "
"Wow," the boss said, "the man came to buy a hook and you sold him a boat and a truck?"
"No, he came here to buy sanitary napkins for his wife, and I said: the weather is so nice, can you go fishing ...?
You also find the story interesting, right? An excellent salesman is someone who can do the same as the salesman in the story. The story of his sales may sound simple and even funny, but to do so is not simple at all. He had to have a sales skill almost natural. It's a process of accumulation and a lot of learning that needs to be learned. So how to get direct sales skills like the guy on?
Sales warriors do not "pull" or "force" customers to buy their products, but simply help customers find solutions to their own problems.

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Always be attentive to customers

Direct Selling Skills - Influencing Customer's Heart
Direct Selling Skills demonstrate through thoughtfulness
One of the "unwritten" laws of the sales people is: "Customers are God", "Article 1: Customers are always right. Article 2: If the customer is wrong, review Article 1 ". In fact, not all customers are right because they are not saints, they are just human flesh, with so many levels of emotions, anger, love, stain, greed, anger, si like salesman.
It is important that in any case, the seller must always respect the customer, treat the customer with sincerity with the professional service attitude as possible. The actual sales around us are not so, They just stalled to sell, how to sell the most at the highest price that they can "hack" to forget the construction of the term. Relate with customers and capture information about customer needs.

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