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Japanese vessels secretly fishing giant whales in Australia

To catch the whale, the fishing vessel uses explosive hooks and shoots at the back of its prey.
After five years, information and video about a gray whale fishing from a Japanese research vessel has been provided to the Australian government. The shocking picture of the bloody scene has been hidden for five years as video owners fear that "damaging international relations" will be averted.

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The first video was filmed in 2008 and then extended to 2012. The video was released by the Australian Sea Shepherd Foundation. "In 2008, the Australian government sent a ship to follow a Japanese research vessel," said Jeff Hansen, Center Director. They have recorded incredible scenes. "
The clip depicts many gray whales, about 10 meters long, hooked to the head and pulled up on the water. After the bloody whale and fatigue, they were dragged onto the boat by crane. The video was filmed in the South Australian waters, which is considered a haven for gray whales. But these whales have become the bait for Japan's "research" fishing boats.
Hansen said that in order to kill a whale, Japanese research vessels had to hook them up for a long time. Afterwards, they were pulled up and smashed and sold in Tokyo. The director of the Sea Shepherd said that in order to catch whales, Japanese fishing boats used explosive hooks. When the detonator is activated, the hardened prong is pointed and pinned to the whale.

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Hansen said that even though the video was first filmed nearly 10 years ago, the activities are still ongoing today. Australia's Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg said it was "extremely disappointing to see this video."

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