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Live life skills will be put into state management

Live life skills will be put into state management: Life skills education and out-of-school hours activities will be subject to inspection and examination by the educational authorities, the State Inspectorate, relevant specialized inspectorates, and the administrations at all levels

Putting life skills into state management

The Ministry of Education and Training has drafted a regulation on the management of life skills education and out-of-school hours activities.

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Accordingly, the activities of living skills education and educational activities beyond the regular time will be subject to the inspection and examination by educational management agencies, the State inspection agencies and specialized inspectors. Concerned, the government at all levels. The Ministry of Education and Training requires education activities for life skills and educational activities beyond the regular hours to contribute to consolidating, enhancing the knowledge, skills and personality education for learners with content suitable for The psycho-physiological characteristics of learners, in accordance with the fine traditions and customs of Vietnam, must not be taken advantage of the life skills education and educational activities beyond the regular time for violating the Regulation on additional teaching and learning. in.

what is the life skills?

Life skills: Life skills are a set of skills that people acquire through teaching or direct experience that is used to deal with common issues and questions in everyday life. .
Two types of life skills:
Life skills are divided into two categories: psycho-social skills and personal skills, perception and thinking, with 10 elements: self-awareness, creative thinking, problem solving, interact with others, respond to stressful and emotional situations, understand sympathy, critical thinking and critical thinking, deciding, communicating effectively and negotiating.

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n many Western countries, young people learn life skills about how things will happen in life, how to face and cope with difficulties, and how to overcome them and how to avoid them. Conflicts, conflicts, and violence between people and people. In Korea, elementary school students learn how to cope with accidents such as fire, earthquake, natural disasters, etc. at the Seoul Emergency Center.
In Vietnam, life skills are being taken care of, however, in the main school students are taught only academic and political skills, while life skills education is not paid much attention. According to psychologist Huynh Van Son, a consultant for the Center for the Care of Vietnamese Ideas: "At present, the term" living skills "is commonly used but somewhat" abused "by the trainers themselves. or organization and parents do not really understand it. " According to Phung Khac Binh, Director of the Student Affairs Department of the Ministry of Education and Training, in the future and in the long run, a curriculum on life skills education for students in grades 1-12 should be developed.
In addition, the online community has a live playing platform. Here you can participate in discussions with members on the forum about life skills, participate in training programs online and offline skills.

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