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Moments of eating meat on the island die in Thailand

A Belgian tourist has become the latest victim on the famous "dead island" of Thailand.
Elise Dallemange, 30, suffered a vaginal eclipse on Koh Tao Island in April after hanging himself, according to local police.

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But Elise's mother, Michele van Egten, did not trust the police. She worries that the authorities are hiding the horrible killings of tourists here.
Elise is the seventh foreigner to die on Koh Tao island for the past three years. Thus, the Mirror calls this "dead island".
Many local journalists say they are being forced to make the case public, according to the Daily Mail.
However, Michele decided to take her daughter's death to light while waiting for more information. She feared that if she did not do so, the case would not be noticed.
Michele told Der Farang: "I do not believe what the police say, but we think there are others involved in this incident, and we are increasingly aware that the police information is not an accurate explanation." .
Michele said Elise had been traveling throughout Asia for the past two years, and before dying she lived in a yoga area on Koh Phangan Island. But on the 28th, the body of the girl was discovered in the "island of Koh Tao" nearby mysterious.
Locals discovered Elsie's corpse after entering the forest for suspicion of a wandering wanderer in the forest. They followed the animal and found it eating Elise's corpse on the rocks behind the Tanote Family Bay Resort.
Police told Elise's mother that her daughter committed suicide by hanging herself on a tree, about three days before being found.

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But no message or will was found and Michele's mother is looking forward to the new information after her mysterious death.
Police added that Elise was wearing an old T-shirt at the time. An empty petrol bottle was also found next to the girl's body.
An autopsy was performed at Surat Thani Hospital, and later the Bangkok Police Forensic Hospital. Elise was cremated 14 days later.
"When I talked on the phone, my baby was normal, there was no sign of depression," says Michele, "I do not understand why it came to that forest to commit suicide.
'I am so sad. I am still waiting for the final autopsy result. We just want more information. "

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