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On the water, the African minister was eaten by three crocodiles

A minister in Zimbabwe has been eaten by crocodiles trying to follow a biblical story of Jesus walking on the water, the Daily Post reported.
Jonathan Mthethwa is the pastor of Saint of the Last Days, who travels on water in a river known as the Crocodile River.

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Mthethwa died on the morning of Saturday morning before performing his Biblical performance in front of his parishioners.
According to The Herald Zimbabwe, he drowned and was eaten by three crocodiles in the presence of the faithful.
Deacon Nkosi, a member of the church, said: "The pastor taught us about faith last week.
"He promised to prove his faith to us, but unfortunately he was drowned and was eaten by three big crocodiles in front of us.
"We still do not understand why everything happened because he was vegetarian and prayed for the whole week."

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Pastor Mthethwa is said to have gone down the river and suddenly encountered three crocodiles. They attacked and ate him for a few minutes.
Deacon Nkosi added, "They ate him for a few minutes, all he had to do was eat sandals and underwear floating on the water."
The emergency body of the country, ER24, came to the scene 30 minutes later, but apparently they arrived too late.

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