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Professional Sales Skills Course

Professional Sales Skills Courses for salespeople of domestic and foreign businesses; The sales representative wishes to be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and perfect the sales profession.
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Professional Sales Skills Course
Get the most basic knowledge and skills a salesperson should have, so you know how to sell successfully, know how to manage your customers, take care of your customers and develop new ones.
Sales activity is a very important business and the result is the survival of the business. Therefore, the development of skills and the effectiveness of sales activities is always the concern of both sales staff and business management.
In order to contribute to solving these difficulties, we have researched and designed the "Professional Sales Skills" program for all sales people, including different industries, in particular is the FMCG, to train the skills and to help businesses improve the efficiency of sales activities.
Through the sales skills course, in addition to being equipped with the basics of sales, professional sales methods and skills, you will be sharing experiences to deal with and handle the situation. Sudden surprise in the sales process from the trainers have many years of experience in sales management in multinational corporations in Vietnam.

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- sales staff of domestic and foreign enterprises;
- The trade representative wishes to be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and perfect the sales profession.
After attending the program, participants will be able to:
Understanding of the sales profession;
Understand consumer psychology and consumer behavior;
Know how to set up procedures and methods of selling effectively;
Perfect communication skills and persuasive sales presentation;
Improve the skills of protest and refusal of customers.
Part I. Understanding the sales profession
- What is a meaningful and effective "sales" activity?
- the role, responsibility, attitude, knowledge and skills of a professional salesman;
- Methods of self-development and development of "sales career" at each level.
Part II. Consumer psychology and consumer behavior
- personality and psychological factors in sales;
- Motivation and consumer demand;
- psychological stages of a buying process;
- Method of positively impacting consumer behavior in each period.
Part III. The process and method of selling effectively
- Sales plan and necessary information
The process of setting up a sales plan;
Common tools, forms, and reports on sales;
The essential information needed to prepare for the sale.
- Professional sales process;
- The key to successful sales:
Establishing appropriate attitudes and approaches;
Appropriate approach approach;
The technique of "listening" and gathering information;
Techniques for identifying, analyzing and classifying customer needs;
Identify negotiation techniques;

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Close the deal successfully.
- Important notes needed in sales activities.
Section IV. Some important auxiliary skills in sales
- Communication skills and persuasive presentation
The role of communication in sales;
The principles of effective communication in sales;
Communication barriers, closed communication signals;
Breaking techniques and creating openness in sales communication;
Persuasive presentation in sales.
- Ability to deal with / refuse
Common causes when customers object / refuse;
Rules to be followed when handling objections / denials;
Some technical and tactical handling of opposition / denial in sales;
Practice according to the situation.
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