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US threatened to kill 17m whale for the whole village

A 17-meter "whale-watching" teahouse for the whole village has become the focus of the scourge of animal rights activists.
Chris Apassingok, 16, a whale-headed whale hunter near the village of Yupik in Alaska, says the Daily Mail.

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This teenager was praised by many hunters. For residents of the outback, this is also a sign that teens are ready to reach adulthood.
The Apassingok family proudly posted the trophy image that this teenager hunted on Facebok social network.
News of the incident quickly spread when an environmental activist named Paul Watson shared the photograph on a local newspaper in the United States.
"A 16-year-old boy becomes the 'hero' for killing a large, intelligent creature. But this is acceptable because it is part of traditional customs, "Watson said.
"I can not accept that a group of people have the right to kill whales," added Watson.
Following the message from Watson, many animal rights activists also sent a warning to the Apassingok family. Some even threaten to kill 16-year-olds.
Susan Apassingok, Chris's mother, says her baby has not been able to return to normal life. Six weeks have passed since the incident, Chris has not returned to class and the teenager does not want to talk to anyone.
"We have to venture out to fish for money to buy supplies. Why did Paul Watson treat him so badly? "Susan said.

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In a recent message, activist Watson said: "I did not encourage or ask anyone to threaten him. We defend the view that the killing of any intelligent, perceived creature is equivalent to murder. "
The small village of Alaska is still living on the source of the whale meat Chris teenager hunt.
Alaskan natives hunted whales 2,000 years ago. They strictly follow the rules, that only a few whales are hunted in the year. Whale meat yields up to 600-1,000 tons.

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