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Whale kills benefactor after being rescued in Canada

A lobster catcher with a passion for saving the whales just died after saving a whale stranded off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada.
The whale stranded on the knotted belts off Canada was rescued by Mr. Howlett
Fisherman Joe Howlett has helped save about 20 whales during the past 15 years, according to his friends and colleagues.

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Mackie Green, a colleague at the Campobello Whale Rescue Team, said Howlett boarded the Department of Fisheries on July 10. to help rescue a North Atlantic whale stranded in a knot.
Green was not present at the boat, but was told about what had happened. Mr Howlett was killed by whales soon after he was freed and swam away.
"They unplugged the whale and a whale came up," says Green.
"Joe certainly would not want us to stop whale rescue because of this. This is his passion, there is no better feeling than debugging the whale, and I know how he feels after Cut the wire to save the whale. "
Joe Howlett (right) takes pictures with his son Tyler Howlett
Federal Minister of Fisheries Dominic LeBlanc made a statement on July 11 expressing his regret for Howlett's family and friends.

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"We have lost the irreplaceable member of the whale rescue community," LeBlanc said, underscoring that the rescue process could be dangerous.
"Whale rescue requires great courage and a passion for the safety of marine animals. hard to guess.
The Secretary also confirmed how Howlett worked with federal and Canadian Coast Guard officers during the crash. In addition, his statement does not provide further details.

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